Thoughts on the Latest NBA Trades

  • “Nets went H.A.M ” – The Deron Williams trade was the best – most ballzy trade – they could make.  Now all they need to do is get him to sign the Extension!  Did you say Dwight Howard…
  • “Clippers get EVEN MORE ATHLETIC” – Is that even possible?  Yes…simply put, Mo Williams adds quickness, experience, and the long range jumper that Baron never consistantly gave. My sleeper in this deal is Jamario Moon…another guy who can jump out of the gym to go along will Grif, Gordan, and Jordan…give the guy a chance Vinny…he was a Globe Trotter for heaven’s sake!
  • “Knicks fans…Thank La La for Melo” – Alas, the Knickerbockers are back to their 90’s – contend buuuuut never quick get a championship – stature! All is well…
  • “OKC aka The Blueprint” This is how you build a championship team in a middle market!  They can, and will pay Perk next season to stay…starting alongside Ibaka will make a menacing fronline for opposing centers…they will develop the “O” but they’re fine for now…Nate is Nate and we love Krypto here at TheFresh…Simply put, would not want to see OKC come spring!
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Foreign Exchange – Maybe She’ll Dream of Me


“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”  Carl Jung… F*ck that quote is illy…good mornin!


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Really Georgey…REALLY

“It was one of the most disgusting moments in my presidency”…George Bush responding to Kanye’s infamous statement back in 01…thank you George, thank you for cementing that fact that u were a gigantic douche! How many ppl died on 9/11? How many soldiers and innocent civilians died in both wars?  They threw shoes at you for God’s sake!  Really George…REALLY


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How to make it in Hip Hop


If you’re looking for all the answers…well, you won’t find them here.  What you will find is a couple jewels as I see them. 

  • You should be a broke and starving artist atleast until you get a deal.  Not literally, but close to it…you should be investing everything you have, save necessities to live, into your self/music.  There’s also a caveat, you shouldn’t be looking to get paid for anything earlier on until you have a solid fan base.  That’s right…free mixtapes, albums, shows, promos and whatever else is needed to garner that all important initial fanbase that will get you in the game.  Be a proud attention whore-prostituting youself to world for free.  It’s also why the dude on the corner slanging CD’s, and the cats charging $20 at the door to see them perform, won’t make it.  Those days were over in the 90’s before the Internet changed the business.  Beyond that, and probably most important…you have to be hungery.  What use is putting the money up if you’re not going to put in work…and when I say work, I mean 16 hours a day grind.  You will have to sacrifice.  If it seems like all fun and games in the beginning to you, it’s because you are really just having fun and playing games…fun and games do not equal work people, and will not lead you to a deal.  And yes, I know this isn’t anything new–stating the obvious right?  Well…none of the many up and coming artist I know follow this thought process fully.  Then again, maybe it just speaks to the quality of artist I’m around.  Regardless, this ideal is the bedrock of your foundation…it should be followed religously!

Periodically I’ll post bullets, if they come to mind and I feel like writing…Exactly why I am not cut out for the biz…

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Really Weezy…Really…



…da f*ck is he wearing!?!

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Vegas Street Art Scene

Shot outs to the burgeoning street art scene…spotted this across the street from UNLV…

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Influencers Documentary


Interesting little doco on influencers in pop culture.

Props to h.e.r.

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